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Case Study: Juniper Beach diesel spill

Supplier: CI Agent Solutions
13 December, 2010

A semi truck with failing brakes ran onto the Juniper Beach boat ramp and ruptured a saddle tank.

Approximately 40 gallons of diesel fuel spilled.

An environmental company estimated clean-up to take 2 days using booms, pads and a VAC truck.

First responders on-site were the Louisville Fire Department using C.I.Agent for the first time.

C.I.Agent Solutions also responded by delivering product and assisting Chief Fredricks in containing and cleaning the spill. A boat and hard boom were deployed, but actually hindered clean-up. The VAC truck was not needed.

  • C.I. Agent
    • Clean-up Period: 3 hours, 6 man hours
    • Materials: 30 pounds of C.I. Agent
    • Oil Sludge Retrieved: 15 gallons of oil sludge
    • Waste: approximately 135 pounds of controllable waste
    • Total billing for product & labour: $1,204.41
  • Conventional Method
    • Clean-up Period: estimate 2 days, 4 men
    • Materials: pack of absorbant pads & 160' of boom, 50' hard boom, boat
    • Oil Sludge Retrieved: 1350 gallons of water & diesel
    • Waste: 10,800 pounds of water, 320 pounds of waste
    • Total billing for product & labour: approximately $20,000.00 (verbal by contractor)