Case Study: Kanwal Potable Water Reservoir

Supplier: Australian Urethane Systems
02 December, 2011

Previous attempts at sealing the Kanwal reservoir had either failed or did not make allowances for new leaks occuring.

Project: Kanwal Water Reservoir
Client: Wyong Shire Council, New South Wales
Product: POLYEURO 5502
Area: 1800 square metres
Applicator: CRS
Completion: November 2006

On-site requirements:

  • Stop water leakage from the concrete water storage reservoir
  • Long term protection of the structure
  • Provide seamless application to the floors and lower walls

Product requirements and benefits:

  • Fast cure, tough, resilient and highly elastomeric
  • Potable Water Approval AS/NZS 4020 : 1999
  • Seamless application of the coating system to the floor and lower wall areas of the reservoir
  • Specific priming system to seal the porous concrete structure and enable a pinhole free coating
  • Low temperature application

CRS and POLYEURO 5502 were awarded this crucial waterproofing project to provide a high performance membrane with essential properties of fast cure, seamless application, potable water approval and long-term protection.

Polyprime 21 applied at a rate of 1 litre per 4 square metres was used to seal the cleaned substrate prior to membrane application.

POLYEURO 5502 system was chosen for its extraordinary waterproofing and physical properties, ability to adhere strongly to the prepared concrete surfaces and be applied as a seamless membrane.