Case Study: Landmark Apartments waterproofing project

Supplier: Australian Urethane Systems
02 December, 2011

Landmark Apartments are situated in Barton ACT. Bovis Lend Lease required a fast set waterproofing membrane system to apply to all four apartment blocks on the outside areas such as podium slabs, balconies and planter boxes.

Project: Landmark Apartments, Barton ACT
Client: Bovis Lend Lease
Product: POLYEURO LP-12
Area: 18,000 square metres
Applicator: KKS Australia
Completion: November 2002

On-site requirements:

  • Provide a rapid cure competively priced membrane
  • Provide long term waterproofing protection of the structure
  • Provide seamless application to the decks, podium slabs and planter boxes

Product requirements and benefits:

  • Fast cure, tough, resilient and highly elastomeric
  • Low permeability
  • Seamless application of the coating system to a range of areas
  • Compatability with tile adhesive
  • Low temperature application

The key to the system was fast application and cure time which enabled tilers and landscapers to promptly push ahead with their project stage.

Bovis Lend Lease explained the need to reign in the project completion date and were impressed with the results.

KKS was awarded the contract and fast began preparing the substrate and applying the membrane. 900 square metres per day were sprayed, and the membrane could be walked on iwithin minutes of application.

Without the speed and efficiency of KKS and the Polyeuro LP-12 system the process of waterproofing and then tiling or landscaping would have resulted in completion past the handover date, resulting in significant penalty costs to the builder.