Case Study: Manhole oil & sheen removal

Supplier: CI Agent Solutions
09 December, 2010

C.I.Agent Solutions was called to solve manhole/vault oil and sheen removal problems in the Mid-Atlantic region following the release of several gallons of oil into a manhole, with a second location containing sheen.

The test was conducted as an alternative to using a tanker truck to remove the oil contaminated water.

C.I.Agent dry granular powder was broadcast loose from outside the hole and applied to the hydrocarbon floating on the water to address the extreme contamination on the splices, cable racks and wall areas. The water was then agitated by using pumped water for the pump in the manhole, resulting in a washing effect on the walls and pipes. The water in the structure was pumped to a low level through a filter, allowing water to discharge into the street and storm drains. Finally the solidified material was removed from the structure and the ramaining water was pumped down.

C.I.Agent is quickly becoming a standard for manhole/vault oil removal due to significant time and cost savings the product provides.

C.I. Agent

  • Clean-up Period: 2 hours
  • Materials: 31kg of C.I. Agent, Evac Filter and C.I. Agent Dewatering Bag
  • Oil Sludge Retrieved: 132L
  • Waste: approximately 131Kg
  • Total: $1,200.00 vs $2,000.00 - $12,000.00 if vac truck used

Benefit Summary: Utility crew experienced 75% operating cost reduction and substantial time savings in accessing customer electrical service problems.