Case Study: McCain Foods Validations

Supplier: Aurora Process Solutions
13 February, 2018

High performing magnet systems are an integral part of food producing plants like McCain Foods in Hawke’s Bay.

Making sure those magnets are working to their fullest potential is not just important for compliance reasons but also to ensure quality standards are met, without fail.

A key service provided by Aurora is validation of the effectiveness of magnet systems, and McCain Foods relies on them to carry out this service each year.

Paul Wake from McCain Foods explains: “They bring their equipment and there’s very little disturbance to the plant. Aurora tests our magnets for effectiveness and we get a good service from them. From there we get a report, with recommendations and it means we’ve got traceability, which is important in our industry.”

With a plant that is in constant operation, bringing in testing equipment can have a negative effect if it holds up production. With Aurora there is no interruption.

”Aurora fits in with us and they’re aware of the environment. They are willing to wait and don’t interfere with what’s happening at the plant,” says Paul.

Promptness is also important when fitting in with tight production schedules and Aurora always arrives on time.

“I can’t fault them,” says Paul. “They’re very personable, very quick and easy to communicate with. Every dealing with Aurora is positive.”