Case Study - Narracoorte Seeds Palletizing Robotic Automation

Supplier: Aurora Process Solutions By: Braden Goddin
21 April, 2021

SEMI-AUTO FILLING/CLOSING & AUTOMATED PALL BEFORE: Manual Labor & long hours, health and safety issues, low throughput NOW: 300% increased throughput! reduced labor hours, consistent stacking quali


  • Twin Floveyors
  • Twin TE100 Bagging Scales
  • Twin ACS-L10 Industrial Sewing systems
  • Bag conveying, with twin kickers
  • Bag Flattener
  • Fuji Robotic Palletizer - Twin Stack


“We are a 60-year-old, family-owned business that sells pastoral seed”

“The Aurora robot has done one full season, working really well. Previously we would have only one mixing output line with someone bagging off into 25 kg bags and physically putting them on a pallet. Going to the robot meant we could bag-off automatically. The robot does all the work! It changes how much throughput we could put through in a day, it changed the work physically that the employees had to do, so its a lot easier for them to do a day’s work. Before they would finish at 6 or 7pm at night and would be pretty buggered at the end of the day. But now we can put more seed through, and they can finish at 5 or 6pm and they don’t feel tired the next day”

“The reason I would recommend Aurora is because first and foremost their product works, it’s worked for us… we put different products through, and it’s been able to handle that. Its be relatively easy to use”

“So the whole package they delivered - I would have no hesitation in recommending them”

“It’s changed our business completely”