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Case Study: Oil filtration from cooling tower

Supplier: CI Agent Solutions
13 December, 2010

A pump located inside a cooling tower at a large power plant began leaking oil.

After several days, over 100 gallons of oil from the pump contaminated the water inside the cooling tower. The plant manager did not realise the pump had a problem until several days later. By the time the problem was discovered, the oil was throughout the 550,000 gallon cooling tower.

C.I.Agent Solutions was contacted by the plant manager for consultation and recommendations. C.I.Agent Solutions delivered three custom-made C.I.Agent Hydrocarbon Discharge Filters to remove the oil from the water and two 55 gallon drums of C.I.Agent Granules. The process began by pumping the contaminated water from the main cooling tower to a tank clarifier outside the plant. The flow of water from the cooling tower to a tank clarifier was controlled by automated pumps. The contaminated water was then pumped through the C.I.Agent Hydrocarbon Discharge Filters at approximately 60 gallons per minute. C.I.Agent Granules were also added to the tank clarifier to assist in hydrocarbon removal. Samples were taken throughout the process to monitor the hydrocarbon levels. The results were impressive. The C.I.Agent Hydrocarbon Discharge Filters reduced the hydrocarbon levels from 171.5 PPM incoming to less than 5 PPM outflow.

C.I. Agent Costs Comparison

  • C.I. Agent
    • Clean Up: 3,600 gallons per hour (approx.)
    • Materials: 3 - C.I. Agent Hydrocarbon Discharge Filters, 2 - C.I. Agent Granules 55 gallon drums
    • Results: Reduced PPM from 171.5 to less than 5 for water treated
    • Total Cost: $18,000.00
  • Treatment of Water at Waste Recovery Facility
    • Clean Up: unknown
    • Materials: Multiple tanker trucks
    • Results: Unknown
    • Total Cost: Between $250,000 & $500,000 (estimate)