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Case Study: Passive fire protection at BlueScope Steel, Port Kembla

Supplier: Antec Engineering
29 October, 2015

BlueScope at Port Kembla is located approximately 100 km south of Sydney and is the largest steel production facility in Australia. With an annual production capacity of approximately 2.6 million tonnes of crude steel it manufactures slab, hot rolled coil and plate products.


The site is situated on close to 900 hectares with its own internal railway system that is made up of 85 kilometres of track.

Over the years the high risk facility has experienced numerous fires. These are serious incidences, and can result in injuries and even lives lost as well as financial and economic repercussions due to loss of production when critical electrical infrastructure is destroyed. 

The Solution

Mitigation of personnel and financial risk can be achieved through the installation of KBS passive fire protection systems. The KBS passive fire range is manufactured in Germany by BASF to stringent quality processes. KBS Cable Coating holds a 30 year weather test. That’s 30 years of continuous sun, rain, freezing and thawing as well as uninterrupted UV radiation with no change in the ability of the product to protect cables, providing asset owners with peace of mind that the KBS cable coating will stand the test of time. 

Installed Products and Equipment

Penetration sealing at BlueScope Port Kembla has been achieved using the KBS ablative panel seals. Penetration sealing achieves compartmentalisation of areas and contains fires to their point of ignition.

In areas where compartmentalisation is not possible such as cable tunnels, cable basements, and switch rooms the KBS Sprayable ablative cable coating is installed using a Graco Mark V airless spray machine.

Passive fire protection installations has been an ongoing program across the steel works over the past 8 years. The installation is progressing with a great deal of urgency due to recent fires in critical areas of the plant

KBS Panel Seal Installation

KBS Panel Seal Installation

KBS Cable Coating in basement

In switch room

Technical Data

At BlueScope, Port Kembla the standard adhered to for cable coating installations is FM Global Standard FM3971. When following this standard the KBS cable coating is installed at a dry film thickness of 1.6mm. At this thickness the cable coating will achieve nil flame propagation along all cable pathways.

The Contractor & Project Manager

Serco has been providing essential fire services at the steelworks for over 10 years. This includes the project management of the KBS passive fire product installations. The company are also responsible for approximately 14,000 fire assets across the site and in charge of upgrades, design and installation of new fire systems.

All Industrial Services Pty Ltd are currently the main installer of KBS passive fire systems at the Port Kembla Steelworks. All Industrial Services have been undertaking work continuously for over 4 years under the supervision of Serco.

Antec Group Pty Limited also conduct onsite audits of the contractors work issuing reports to Serco on the installation ensuring it is installed as per FM Global standards and the manufacturers recommendations.

Hauff Technik Penetration Sealing Solutions

Hauff Technik cable and pipe sealing systems are the ideal companion to the KBS Passive Fire range. Combined these products provide fire, water, gas and vermin proof sealing systems. For more information contact Antec or visit hauff-technik.com.

About Antec

Antec is a manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of products to the mining, minerals processing and infrastructure industries in Australia. Antec are the exclusive distributor of the KBS Passive Fire range of products and the Hauff Technik range of pipe and cable sealing solutions in Australia and New Zealand.