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Case study: Portable weighbridge for farm vehicles

Supplier: Ultrahawke
09 February, 2010

Ultrahawke recently supplied a portable 30t weighbridge to Palmer Agricon in Victoria for weighing farm vehicles.

The 6m x 3m steel weighbridge had to be portable as it is continually relocated to minimise travel times during weighing operations in the various properties where the weighbridge is to be used.

Palmer Agricon previously bought a cheaper mobile platform scale from an opposition company to Ultrahawke but that unit was deemed to be of unsatisfactory performance and prompted the upgrading to a heavy duty Ultrahawke portable weighbridge with guaranteed higher accuracy. The client required a system that was easy to relocate on a daily basis and would supply them with accurate axle weights for their farm vehicles.

A 6m x 3m 30,000kg self contained portable weighbridge was constructured at Ultrahawk’s dedicated weighbridge manufacturing facility in Cambellfield, Victoria. The weighbridge is a two part design with the weighing deck totally protected within a self contained steel frame fitted with lifting lugs to make loading and unloading a simple matter. The weighbridge is placed onto a flat and level surface (generally crushed rock or compacted soil) and earth ramps are built up to the approaches.

The weighing components consist of four heavy duty Flintec loadcells sealed to IP67 in a stainless steel housing and mated to an Avery E1005 battery powered, digital weight indicator with remote display for portable operation.

The total weighing package has since been proven to be very successful for the client.