Case Study: Salvage recovery - pleasure craft

Supplier: CI Agent Solutions
13 December, 2010

This 32' vessel was salvaged in St. Petersburg, FL in August 2007 by Bluewater Diver & Salvage Co. (BWD).

On August 15th at 21:00 hours, the owner of the vessel called and informed us that the vessel was sunk at the dock behind his residence. At 23:30 hours, I received a call from the owner informing me that the fire dept/HAZMAT team was on scene and that the USCG/MSO was underway. I put 40 feet of 1 inch C.I.Agent boom in my small car, drove to the scene, stood on the vessel in my shorts, placed three 10 foot sections of boom tie wrapped together from end to end from the port and starboard mid-ship bow to make one long 30 foot continuous boom.

The fire department was satisfied and contacted MSO telling them that BWD was on scene and had used C.I.Agent to contain the spill. The next morning I salvaged the vessel, collected the C.I.Agent boom, placed it back in the rubber tote, took it to my salvage yard and let it dry out for later use. For some things we have VISA….getting back to bed an hour and a half later to enjoy my night’s sleep was priceless.

We all know that placing hard boom and oil absorbent pads in the water would have taken all night and alot of time the next day. I would be hard pressed to say that I had a whole hour in the entire salvage process for oil containment and clean-up with C.I.Agent.

Pat Garrison
Bluewater Dive & Salvage

  • C.I. Agent
    • Clean-up Period: 1 man hour
    • Materials: 2 50' C.I. Agent sheen booms
    • Oil Retrieved: oil sheen
    • Total billing for products & labour: $167.00
  • Environmental Crew
    • Clean-up Period: 8 man hours
    • Materials: 40 absorbant pads, 30 10' booms
    • Oil Retrieved: unrecoverable
    • Total billing for products & labour: $1,250.00