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Case Study: Scenic Hotel Group

Supplier: Aptean
23 January, 2013

Aptean was challenged by Scenic Hotel Group, New Zealand’s largest independently owned and operated hotel group to provide aid their sales team that had no access to live CRM data during customer site visits.

Working with Fusion5, Pivotal’s partner in New Zealand, Scenic Hotels selected Pivotal CRM to help take their business to the next level. With a very basic homegrown CRM in place, Scenic knew they needed a robust platform to help them grow sales and maximise revenue. Scenic chose Pivotal for its user-friendliness and flexibility, but Pivotal’s iPad application had a lot to do with the decision as well.

With the iPad Scenic Hotel Group envisaged that the sales team will not only have a powerful presentation tool to showcase their offerings to clients, but also have access to important client information and business development and sales functionality to help them be more effective. What this means in productivity terms is tremendous.

Pivotal CRM for iPad is an app that allows users to interact with Pivotal CRM from an iPad, accessing their own unique CRM information when and where they need it. Pivotal lets you simply tailor your iPad display so it’s just how you like it. Scenic Hotel Group has already customised their CRM to suit their business – a process du Plessis says was ‘very easy’.

They have recently deployed Pivotal CRM for iPad to four of their six sales people, and the benefits are already adding up. “Our team members needed access to client information while they’re on the road. Being able to access client data such as rate history and reports is powerful during a live meeting.”

Plus, sales reps can now make notes directly into Pivotal and take immediate action instead of having to wait until they have access to a desktop. For this sales team, being on the road is a big part of the job, and with all the CRM information they need to do their jobs, time-wasting visits back and forth to the office are now eliminated.

As a front runner in implementing iPads for its sales team, Scenic Hotel Group understands that having information at your fingertips on the world’s most popular tablet contributes to their business image as well. “Devices like the Apple ipad have taken things up a notch for sales professionals, by living up to the ‘anywhere, anytime access’ of business data”, says du Plessis

The iPad offers its own time-saving features as well – sales teams can now take advantage of the native iPad capabilities including Skype, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Maps – fully integrated with Pivotal CRM for iPad. Organisations also hAve the option of adding their own integrations to suit the business, such as built-in camera and location services- a great way to take photos as part of sales or services delivery functions.

“The real advantage of Pivotal CRM and the iPad application is that it gives customers the ability to have their own customised functionality out with the sales people on the iPads” says Sven Martin, Fuction5. “It has all the advantages of building your own iPad application without the cost or hassle”.

With a growing business and a sales team equipped with the latest in CRM technology, Scenic Hotel Group is positioning itself as leaders in the hotel industry in New Zealand.