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Case Study: Secondary containment - dike method

Supplier: CI Agent Solutions
13 December, 2010

C.I.Agent Solutions was asked to provide an SPCC solution with an 18 inch C.I.Agent Barrier Boom to surround a 30 foot x 40 foot transformer slab.

The customer wanted as small a footprint as possible to contain the entire amount of oil in the unit with additional freeboard to handle some precipitation. It was calculated that the area necessary for total containment around the unit would need to be approximately 10 feet out from the transformer slab. A trench was dug into the six inch gravel base to reach the impervious clay subsurface. An 18 inch tall C.I.Agent Barrier Boom was placed into the trench; six inches below the grade level and 12 inches above the grade level. The barrier boom was held in place with rebar. A bead of powder Bentonite was poured into the trench to form a seal around the edge of the barrier boom. Clean gravel was then placed on both sides of the barrier boom to hold it in a vertical position. The rebar was lat er removed.

C.I. Agent Costs Comparison

  • C.I. Agent
    • Equipment: Trencher, shovels, rakes & front-loader
    • Materials: 150' x 18" C.I. Agent Barrier Boom Clean, washed stone
    • Oil Contained: 9,600 gallons
    • Man Hours: 12 man hours (3 men, 4 hours each)
    • Impact on  Facility: None
    • Total Billing for Product & Labour: Below $8,500.00
  • Concrete Wall (had they not used C.I. Agent)
    • Equipment: Multiple pieces of equipment
    • Materials: Multiple materials
    • Oil Contained: 9,600 gallons
    • Man Hours: 28 days of curing
    • Impact on  Facility: Possible shut down
    • Total Billing for Product & Labour: $50,000+ for concrete w/sump, drain, $45,000+ for plastic wall w/sump, drain

Benefit Summary: By their own estimates, the Utility experienced approximately 75- to 85-percent cost reduction in time and labor savings.