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Case study: stretch wrapping over sized pallets

Supplier: Fromm Packaging Australia By: Fromm Packaging Australia
02 March, 2017

Fromm Packaging recently designed a wrapping system to overcome oversized and tall pallets for a leading plastic film and laminate manufacturer.

The requirement

Our customer is a leading plastic film and laminate manufacturer and would often wrap oversized rectangle shaped or extra high pallets by hand. They required a wrapping machine that could wrap these pallets and speed up the dispatch process.

Our Packaging Solution

The range of pallet sizes excluded the customer from processing in the dispatch area in one format. Fromm designed the SMH-SPL Wrapping Machine to accommodate not only the standard 1156x1156mm pallet but also up to and including 1200x3200mm.

Wrapping the pallets with the Fromm SMH-SPL Wrapping Machine gave the customer confidence that the products would appear consistent and withstand rigorous shipping conditions.  

This installation was designed by the Fromm Packaging Australia team. The designs were then sent to Fromm's global manufacturing centre where the machine was built and tested to meet Fromm's strict quality assurance standards. Once shipped to Australia, the installation process was completed & working within a week.


The benefits of this packaging line to our customer were the reduction in personnel required for the wrapping process, higher pallet throughput, controlled packaging costs, increased pallet integrity & improved WH&S conditions.

Stretch Wrapping Over Sized Pallets