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Case Study: TR Savage and Son implements SolidWorks

Supplier: Solidtec Solutions
15 December, 2011

Historically TR Savage and Son Pty Ltd has serviced a number of industries, including: the container industry by manufacturing and repairing metal moulds; the rail network through the machining of braking systems; and the LPG gas trade by machining gas nozzles.

Over the past few years TR Savage have seen a change in their industry and a rise in demand for specialised machining jobs with small quantities needed in short timeframes. They have also recently opened a dedicated design centre that provides design consultancy as well as input into enhancing the development of their own products. Solidtec Solutions caught up with Joel Savage, Design Director at TR Savage to talk about their business and their use of SolidWorks.

Design Challenges

  • Communicating design ideas effectively with customers
  • Having multiple software design packages for various tasks in the design process
  • Making suitable solid models suitable for 3D printing
  • Designing products within short timeframes

SolidWorks Design Solutions

  • Compatibility with customer design files (DXF, DWG)
  • In one solution, replace what multiple programs were doing: design products, construct environments, render scenes, measure parts, send jobs to CAM software with ease, and successfully communicate with customers.
  • Facilitate efficient drawing for 3D printing jobs. Parasolid base modelling gives a true visual representation of the product. SolidWorks also offers an array of checks to make sure the part is suitable for printing, and saves it straight into a printable file.    
  • Improving productivity with auto features in drawing, modelling and assembly stages

When asked why TR Savage chose to implement SolidWorks, Savage replied, "As our work started changing and becoming more CAD demanding, we realised we needed the latest software. The decision to change  was based around SolidWorks having a good share of the market and being compatible with many drawing packages so when we receive drawings from customers, we can import into SolidWorks, making communication easier for everyone."

Implementing SolidWorks also brought about another benefit for TR Savage: "We are growing the design side of the business and have realised that the majority of people applying for work have some experience with SolidWorks. So having a designer that can already navigate our CAD software is a massive bonus in getting new staff up and running quickly."

As is often the case, TR Savage were using multiple programs for different stages of their design process.

"Previously we had been using a number of different software programs that allowed us to do specific tasks," Savage continued. "With SolidWorks, we can design products, construct environments, render scenes, measure parts, send jobs to our CAM software with ease, and successfully communicate with customers. By using SolidWorks for the entire design process, we can improve productivity by using one program well and eliminating the need to have 5 different programs open at once, which may not work with each other successfully."

TR Savage have been a Solidtec customer for some time now.

"Solidtec initially approached us in June 2011," Savage said. "They were very interested in how we went about our design process, and excelled at understanding our design needs. When we decided to look into purchasing SolidWorks, Solidtec Solutions were the obvious company to deal with. Since we started dealing with Solidtec we have been extremely happy with the services and support they have provided us. Their technical support and enthusiasm in their work is exceptional."

Shane Preston, Solidtec CEO, observed that "It’s great to see SolidWorks delivering companies like TR Savage real productivity and efficiency gains in their design process. The SolidWorks Community is a real tangible benefit of selecting SolidWorks as your 3D CAD solution, with easy access to trained users when required. It’s easy to see how implementing SolidWorks 3D CAD can give companies the ability to effectively communicate their designs both internally and to their customers, and the efficiencies gained from integrated design software has a direct impact on our customers bottom line."

When asked about his favourite aspects of SolidWorks, Savage was happy to admit that "SolidWorks, in comparison to our old software, stands out with its flexibility in drawing. It’s based around the traditional processes of CAD drawing but has the freedom to create freeform shapes that only rendering software would allow you to do. This flexibility results in you being able to draw products at a rapid rate."