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Case Study: Truck spills diesel

Supplier: CI Agent Solutions
13 December, 2010

C.I.Agent was used to clean up diesel fuel from a tractor trailer that side-swiped a telephone pole and released approximately 40 gallons of fuel.

It was raining and had been raining for a couple of days prior to the accident. The ground was extremely saturated with water which allowed the diesel fuel to float. A C.I.Agent Quick Deployment Boom was placed down gradient to protect the drain. C.I.Agent was then applied to the floating diesel. A pool skimmer was then used to remove the solidified fuel. There was no water processed during this clean up.

C.I. Agnt Costs Comparison

  • C.I. Agent
    • Clean-up Period: 4 hours
    • Materials: 60 lbs of C.I. Agent Granules, 1 - 25' C.I. Agent Quick Deployment Boom
    • Product Retrieved: 40 gallons of oil
    • Waste: 400 lbs
    • Total Cost: $2,179
  • Vac Truck (had they not used C.I. Agent)
    • Total Cost: $4,225 (*estimate)

Benefit Summary: The client experienced 50% reduction in clean up costs by using C.I.Agent products instead of using a vacuum truck. An added benefit of using C.I.Agent is its ability to solidify the hydrocarbon without having to process any water. It also renders the material non-hazardous which allows the C.I.Agent solidified product to either be placed in a landfill, recycled into plastic products, or blended with asphalt.

*Estimates were calculated by a 13 year veteran of the spill response industry.