Case study: Ultrahawke weighbridge for Bendigo landscaping supplier

Supplier: Ultrahawke
09 February, 2010

Ultrahawke has commissioned a 20 x 3.5 metre weighbridge that was recently installed at Epsom’s Bendigo yard for selling soil and sand products by weight over the weighbridge to their local clients.

Epsom Sand and Soil is a family owned business that has been supplying Bendigo and surrounding areas with quality sands, soils and quarry products for over 30 years.

The weighbridge is fitted at ground level with exposed beams using 6 Flintec 30t capacity stainless steel loadcells mounted in a shallow pit. The weighbridge’s metal frame is fully galvanised to avoid corrosion and was manufactured at Ultrahawk’s dedicated weighbridge manufacturing facility in the Melbourne suburb of Cambellfield.

Ultrahawke usually perform turnkey weighbridge installations, but in this instance, Epsom Sand and Soil arranged their own contractor to complete the civil works including the weighbridge foundations, approaches and the pouring of the concrete deck itself. Ultrahawk’s Sales Manager, Ken Williams, attended site himself to provide advice and guidance to the civil’s contractor to ensure the entire weighbridge installation progressed smoothly.

The weighing instrumentation used on this weighbridge is a Rinstrum R5000 Digital weight indicator fitted with dual communications ports; one comms port is connected to an externally mounted, Rinstrum D740 large digit remote display so the truck drivers can also see the weight readings. The other comms port is connected to the client’s own PC running ticketing and accounting software to track product movements.

The finished weighbridge installation and the surrounding yard works are a credit to both Ultrahawke and Epson Sand and Soil, so much so that this weighbridge installation could be used as a weighbridge showcase due to the attention taken to details.

Source: Gary Bryant, National Marketing Manager.