Case study: Ultrahawke weighbridge for P&O Ports Dynan Rd

Supplier: Ultrahawke
09 February, 2010

Ultrahawke recently installed a 28 Metre above ground weighbridge at the P & O Ports facility in North Melbourne to replace two well used 8 metre levertronic weighbridges (installed end to end with dead space).

These old weighbridges were no longer providing accurate weights and P & O  Ports ultimately contracted Ultrahawke to provide a solution.

The levertronic weighbridges were taken out of commission and a new 28m above ground weighbridge was supplied and installed with the civil works component was competently carried out by Ultrahawke’s primary civil contractor Renn Constructions. 

Due to the poor quality of soil in the area, the weighbridge foundation was constructed on 12 driven concrete piles in order to establish a firm footing. The slope of the land also required an extended 12m approach ramp at the entry end of the weighbridge to ensure accurate weight readings could be maintained.

This weighbridge was commissioned early in September and approximately 400 container trucks are using the weighbridge on a daily basis.

Source: Gary Bryant, National Marketing Manager.