Case Study: Waterproofing animal enclosures

Supplier: Australian Urethane Systems
15 December, 2011

Sydney Attractions Group approached Australian Urethane Systems to provide a rapid cure competively priced membrane.

Client: Sydney Attractions Group Pty Ltd
Product: POLYEURO® LP-12
Area: 4,000 square metres
Applicator: Austress Freyssinet
Completion: May/June 2006

On-site requirements:

  • Provide long term and seamless waterproofing protection to the podium slab
  • Provide long term resistance to animal urine

Product requirements and benefits:

  • Fast cure, tough, resilient and highly elastomeric
  • Low permeability
  • Seamless application of the coating system to the entire area
  • Compatability with tile adhesive
  • Animal urine resistance