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Case study: Weighbridge software for Wyndham Landfill

Supplier: Ultrahawke
09 February, 2010

Ultrahawke recently supplied their latest weighbridge software to Wyndham City Council for their existing weighbridge operations at the Wyndham Landfill site.

The PC system running the weighbridge software has double redundancy backup with two completely separate PC operating systems with touch screens housed in a metal enclosure along with an internal ticket printer and a cash drawer. 

In the rare event of a problem with the main PC running the weighbridge software, the operator is instantly able to change-over to the backup PC by simply flicking a toggle switch.

The weighbridge operator enters all data using the touch screen which is far easier to use than a standard keyboard and mouse setup. The captured data is then uploaded directly to the Council’s accounting package using the VPN networking capabilities of the weighbridge console.
To lessen the chance of vandalism when the weighbridge system is not being used, the entire weighbridge control system can be secured using the locks fitted to the lids and access panels of the heavy duty steel enclosure.

Source: Gary Bryant, National Marketing Manager.