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Cast Iron Access Hole Covers

Supplier: Webforge

Our range of cast iron access hole covers are 'state of the art' designed to Australian Standards and engineered to perform. The Webforge Group is committed to delivering premium products. We back-up all our products with expert engineering service for total support.

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Webcast access hole covers include most popular shapes and sizes, all meeting our rigorous design standards and available in several load classes and option variations.


Low weight coupled with large seating flange on the frame provides ease of installation.


AS3996 - Metal access covers, road grates and frames. Strength classifications and the loading conditions applying to these classifications.

Class A - Test Load 1OkN (Extra-Light Duty)

For locations trafficked only by pedestrians, wheelchairs and cyclists - inaccessible to motor vehicles by virtue of barriers, narrow passages or stepped or unpaved approaches.

Class B - Test load 8OkN (Light Duty)

For locations normally trafficked by pedestrians and slow moving passenger cars or light agricultural tractors. These locations include areas accessible to infrequent slow moving heavy trucks. Typical locations include footpaths, ground level and multistoried car parks, suburban driveways and back yards.

Class C - Test Load 15OkN (Medium Duty)

For locations trafficked by slow moving fully laden trucks such as pedestrian malls and industrial or commercial areas.

Class D - Test Load 21OkN (Heavy Duty)

For locations trafficked by fast moving fully laden trucks and forklifts with wheel loads to 5.01 This includes all public roads from residential to freeway.

Classes E, F or G - Test loads 40OkN, 60OkN or 90OkN. (Extra Heavy Duty E-F-G)

For locations subject to vehicles such as large forklifts, earthmoving or container handling equipment and aircraft. Typical locations include wharves, container storage areas, heavy industry or construction sites and domestic or international airports.

Other requirements of AS3996

In addition to strength, AS3996 has requirements for cover gas and water tightness, keyhole dimensions, grate bicycle safety, identification markings, frame dimensions, etc. All Webforge access covers and drainage grates can comply with these requirements if requested.


The industry convention is to identify the size of access covers and drainage grates by specifying the internal clear opening dimensions of the frame. For circular covers this dimension is a diameter.

For square and rectangular covers, the normal convention is Width x Length. (W x L) For single part covers, the width is taken as the frame dimension parallel to the side of the cover with two keyholes. For single row, multi-row and trench grates, the width is taken as the span of the trench.


The frame clear openings of Webforge access covers and drainage grates are made to be 15mm larger than the nominal sizes of industry standard sized pits. These pits increase in size in increments of 15Omm.

This has been done to allow frames to be placed over standard panel formwork and cast in while pouring the pit walls. This speeds up installation and ensures the frame is fully embedded in the concrete.


Any cover can be supplied fitted with two or four M12 304 stainless steel holding down bolts to provide resistance to backpressure or unauthorised opening.