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Casting Alloys | 2xx.x Al-Cu Alloys

Supplier: Calm Aluminium

Casting alloys, the strongest of the common one is heat-treated 201.0/AlCu4Ti.

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Casting Alloys | 2xx.x  Al-Cu Alloys

  • Heat treatable/sand and permanent mould castings
  • High strength at room and elevated temperatures; some high toughness alloys
  • Aircraft, automotive applications/engines
  • Representative alloys: 201.0,203.0
  • Approximate ultimate tensile strength range:19-65 ksi

Its castability is somewhat limited by a tendency to micro porosity and hot tearing, so that it is best suited to investment casting. Its high toughness makes it particularly suitable for highly stressed components in machine tool construction, in electrical engineering (pressurized switchgear casings), and in aircraft construction.

Besides the standard aluminium casting alloys, there are special alloys for particular components, for instance, for engine piston heads, integral engine blocks, or bearings. For these applications the chosen alloy needs good wear resistance and a low friction coefficient, as well as adequate strength at elevated service temperatures.

A good example is the alloy 203.0/AlCu5NiCo,which to date is the aluminium casting alloy with the highest strength at around 200°C.

  •  Landing flap mountings and other aircraft components are made in alloys of the 201.0 or in A356.0 types.