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Casting Alloys | 5xx.x Al-Mg Alloys

Supplier: Calm Aluminium

Casting Alloys, 5xx.x Al-Mg Alloys approximate ultimate tensile strength range:17-25 ksi

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Casting Alloys | 5xx.x Al-Mg Alloys

  • Non-heat treatable/sand, permanent mold, and die
  • Tougher to cast/provides good finishing characteristics
  • Excellent corrosion resistance/machinability/surface appearance
  • Cooking utensils/food handling/aircraft/highway fittings
  • Representative alloys:512.0,514.0,518.0, 535.0

The common feature which the third group of alloys have is good resistance to corrosion. Alloys 512.0 and 514.0 have medium strength and good elongation, and are suitable for components exposed to sea water or to other similar corrosive environments.

These alloys are often used for door and window fittings, which can be decoratively anodized to give a metallic finish or in a wide range of colours.Their castability is inferior to that of the Al-Si alloys because of its magnesium content and consequently long freezing range.

For this reason it tends to be replaced by 355.0/AlSi5Mg,which has long been used for similar applications.

For die castings where decorative anodizing is particularly important, the alloy 520.0 is the most suitable.