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Castings for The Automotive Industry

Supplier: Intercast & Forge

Our development team use the latest CAD/CAM and casting simulation software (Magmasoft) to provide support for each customer’s design engineering team, in order to optimize the design and tooling for a new product.

Price Guide: POA

This ensures products meet close tolerance requirements while still conforming to quality and cost specifications. For every product quality, capability and process reliability is “built-in” during development to ensure consistent quality across all production batches.

What would it mean for your business to save a couple of kilograms of weight per component? Or the overall strength and durability improved on by 10 to 15% before production commences? These are the sort of questions we ask ourselves when helping customers to produce the best possible final product.

Castings for the Automotive Industry

Engine parts
• Camshafts
• Fly Wheels
• Bearing Retainers
• Bearing Caps
• Engine Mounts
• Exhaust Manifolds
• Pulleys
• Alternator/ Air Compressor Brackets
• Transfer Shaft Mounting Brackets
• Damper Journal Bearing
• Cam Followers

Brake Parts
• Disc Rotors
• Drums
• Caliper Bodies
• Caliper Brackets
• Pistons
• Backplates

Axle & Prop shaft
• Differential Carriers
• Differential Housings
• Bearing Caps - Pinion Blocks
• Brake Cones
• Mounting Brackets
• Companion Flanges
• Yokes

• Spring Brackets
• Steering Knuckles
• Rear Wheel Carriers
• Hubs
• Control Arms
• Damper Weights
• Valve Housing

Transmission Parts
• Pump Housing
• Gear Forks
• Planet Carriers
• Support Brackets
• Dampers

Trailer Couplings
• Mechanical Couplers
• Electric Couplers
• Hubs