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CAT5 Video Balun

Supplier: Footprint Security

Use existing network cables for video surveillance or other baseband video signal applications. Saves having to run new coax cables.

Price Guide: POA

For each device, you require two video baluns. For example, if you were to use a CCTV camera, one balun would be required at the camera end, and one video balun would be required at the monitor/DVR end.

A standard CAT5 cable has 4 twisted pair cables, this allows you to run 4 cameras per CAT5 cable. In this scenario, 8 video baluns would be required.

Features of CAT5 Video Balun:

  • Easy to install
  • Use existing CAT5 network cables
  • Run up to 4 cameras per cable!
  • Save running additional coax cables
  • Run cables up to 300 metres

Transmission over a CAT5 is called a balanced signal, whereas coax cable is unbalanced.

Transmission over CAT5 cable has many advantages:

  • Less prone to interference
  • Run CAT5 up to 300metres, whereas with RG59, you could only run 200 metres
  • Run 4 cameras off the one CAT5 cable, saving on cabling costs on long runs!