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CCTV Cameras - Alpha Series Camera Technology

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The Alpha Series from IFCS ensures incredible contrast and sharpness of image combined with a dazzling rich natural colour that only Alpha Technology can accomplish.

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CCTV Cameras - Alpha Series Camera Technology Overview:

Utilising innovative ideas to consistently achieve higher standards of excellence, the Alpha Series represents the forefront in technology and design.

With important advancements such super backlight compensation, an excellent signal to noise ratio greater than 52dB and technology that marks the end of colour rolling, the Alpha Series of cameras from IFCS need to be seen to be believed.

More than 52dB signal/noise ratio

With a market specification of 52dB S/N, the Alpha Series is actually rated at 60dB S/N and is widely acknowledged as a leader in providing a perfect picture free of signal noise and distortion.

Important during data compression and network transmission, the Alpha Series provides a perfect picture every time.

Zero colour rolling

Conventional cameras take up to 150ms to calculate white balance, causing colour rolling under fluorescent lighting which fluctuates every 8.5ms.

Because the Alpha Series calculates white balance in 3ms, it guarantees no colour rolling under fluorescent lighting.

Super back light compensation

Back light compensation is essential to providing clear imaging for an object framed by bright light.

Conventional cameras utilise a weighted zone theory, putting greater emphasis on the centre zone when making BLC calculations, which while being acceptable when the main object is in the centre of the screen, provides poor imaging when the main object is off-centre.

The Alpha Series uses proprietary technology featuring 320x240 (76,800) tiny micro zones which are scanned by high speed DSP, removing all the pixels over the exposure level and using the remainder to calculate the exposure level.

Artificial intelligence is then used to calculate the positioning of the main object to further correct exposure levels to ensure the image is clear.

Advanced smear rejection technology

When strong light enters the CCD sensor and penetrates the photo-resistance layer, a fog-like smear will mar the image.

With two and a half times greater sensitivity and dynamic range, Alpha Technology provides naturally 6-7dB more smear rejection than a conventional camera.

This is important in particular for license plate identification, where headlights of oncoming vehicles can prevent recognition.

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CCTV Cameras - Alpha Series Camera Technology
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