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Cellsafe | Radiation Protective Mobile Phone Devices


Cellsafe provides quality anti-radiation products for a range of phones.

More and more studies suggest a possible link between cell phone radiation and a number of health issues.

Cellsafe mobile phone covers and Radi-Cushions reduce exposure to mobile phone radiation by up to 99.815% below the ACMA safety limit by actively diverting it away from the head of the mobile phone user.

Cellsafe anti-radiation covers and Radi-Cushions increase your mobile phone safety and give you peace of mind. Cellsafe are the only product tested in Australia (to work with Australian Networks) and proven to actively reduce SAR radiation.

Cellsafe is the only radiation reducing mobile phone case for iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S & Samsung Galaxy S2 tested in Australia by an independent laboratory accredited by NATA (National Association of Testing, Australia) and proven to work with Australian mobile phone networks - reducing SAR radiation up to 97.4%

The Cellsafe case for iPhone3, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC Desire HD, HTC Desire S have been tested in overseas laboratories, and proven to work with Australian mobile phone networks - Reducing SAR radiation up to 99.815% below the ACMA (The Australian Communications and Media Authority) safety Limit.

It is the unique design of the embedded directional antenna inside the specially formulated silicone compound (with absorbing particles currently used in military and commercial applications) which interacts with the phones antenna, redirecting the transmitted RF signal away from the user head and out through the back of the phone.

The aim is to significantly reduce the amount of radiation absorbed into the head. What's more, as the phone changes frequency bands and power levels, the Cellsafe case will adjust accordingly to the increased or decreased radiation level.

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