Centennial Coal's filter issue solved

Supplier: Custom Fluidpower
02 December, 2014

Custom Fluidpower, national hydraulic solutions provider, has assisted Centennial Coal's Angus Place Colliery to resolve a filtration issue.

Water travelling underground for use on Longwall and Emulsion systems becomes contaminated. The result
is that large filter elements installed on the Colliery's pump station were doing all the work to remove the
contamination before it entered the systems. These large filter elements are very expensive and are non

Custom Fluidpower installed a Hydac RF3 reverse flush filter on the surface which removes large amounts of
contamination from the water before it is pumped underground. This system allows the existing large return
filters to achieve longer service life resulting in cost savings for Centennial Coal.

Hydac's RF3 reverse flushing filter is an automatic self cleaning system working on a set delta P. Periodically the system will reverse flush individual filter elements thus cleaning the elements and removing the contamination from the water.

Once the system has flushed the contamination off the elements, they are automatically put
back into service until the set delta P has once again been reached.

The RF3 filter is a standalone system therefore once it is set up there are no additional costs.

Custom Fluidpower is an official stockist distributor of Hydac's product range consisting of hydraulic and
electronic components for filtration, for use within hydraulic, lubrication and industrial process systems.