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Centrifugals fans supply air on demand

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

MANUFACTURING and engineering premises that require a burst of air extraction on a spasmodic basis can achieve this with the Fanquip centrifugal fan.

The unit is able to supply a high power service, exactly when required, and can be manufactured in a large range of sizes.

Furthermore, it can propel fresh air throughout premises to aid the environmental comfort level for employees.

The flexibility with the Fanquip centrifugals is such that each can be configured in a portable housing or a fixed position unit according to specific requirements.

In a general sense, Fanquip centrifugals will suit a wide range of applications across all industries.

Able to be manufactured in a large range of sizes according to the requirement, this product has a long life cycle in high pressure, low flow applications.

In particular, the Fanquip centrifugal is a good performer in dust extraction systems that use very long duct runs.

Depending on the situation, the units can be powered by electric motor or petrol engine.

They are available either with forward or backward inclined impellers or the radial/paddle configuration for materials handling applications.