Centrifuges & Cyclones

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Cyclones, centrifuges, classifiers and screens are equipment used in the classification, desliming, dewatering, sizing and screening processes in coal preparation, mining, sand-making and mineral processing operations.

Cyclones, centrifuges and classifiers utilise centrifugal force to efficiently remove fine or light particles such as sand, silt particles or muds from water (or slurries) and classify them by size or density. Screens remove slimes from larger particulates, usually with the aid of water sprays. 

Products offered by cyclones, centrifuges, classifiers and screens suppliers include hydro cyclones, cyclone classifiers, rear-mounted cyclones, cyclone separators, sedimentation filtration centrifuges, centrifugal mining pumps, dewatering screens, sizing screens, banana screens, rotary screens, horizontal screens, vibrating screens, and valves.

Cyclones, centrifuges, classifiers and screens suppliers often offer equipment hiring, used equipment sales, installation, warranty, as well as maintenance services.

Centrifuges and Cyclones
Interfil is a company that specializes in the production of filtration systems, high end centrifugal blowers and exhausts which are energy efficient. The company's centrifuges are widely used for efficient separation of solids from waste water, industrial oils, waste vegetable oils, biodiesel, emulsions, solvents and many other industrial processes. It also manufactures high quality spill kits ...
Modular Screening Media
Screenex Australia, with modern manufacturing facilities in Melbourne and Perth, have built their expertise on almost 100 years of supplying screening equipment to the mining industry. We injection mould the Flowmax Polyurethane modular panel systems as part of the Flowmax Screening product range. Screenex Australia's Sales Engineers have over a 100 years of combined experience in fixed plant ...
Minerals Processing Solutions
Weir Minerals are specialists in delivering and supporting mill circuit solutions including pumps, hydrocyclones, valves, hose, screens and screen media, cone crushers, centrifuges and baskets, rubber, wear resistant linings and mine dewatering solutions for global mining and mineral processing and general industry. Our product strength lies in the excellence of our hydraulic designs and wear, ...
Centrifuges and Cyclones
A reputable and reliable provider of decanter and separator centrifuge solutions, CentriTech delivers decanter centrifuge systems, tricanters, turn-key process systems and solutions for liquids, solids separation and plug and play dewatering systems to businesses across Australia. CentriTech also offers workshop repairs, reliable spare parts at competitive prices and after-sales service to customers. ...