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Cerabar with Ceraphire® Measuring Cell

Supplier: Endress+Hauser Australia

Ceramic sensor makes Pressure Transmitters unbreakable

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In mining, mineral processing and other industries that process abrasive media, the Endress+Hauser Cerabar with Ceraphire® measuring cell offers a low maintenance, low cost solution for heavy duty pressure and level measurement. The flush mounted sensor consists of a very hard, robust, 99.9% pure aluminium-oxide (AI2O3) ceramic diaphragm which thrives in harsh applications and chemically aggressive media. Apart from measuring process pressure in pipelines and tanks, this transmitter can also measure hydrostatic level in vessels and containers.

Since the Ceraphire® is a dry, shock-proof pressure sensor it is free of any capillaries and fill-fluid and is not influenced by different mounting positions. It also poses no risk of leaking fill fluid into the process should the diaphragm be ruptured. These sensors are also ideal for use in vacuum applications as there is no risk of diaphragm deformation, fill fluid vaporisation, leaking oil, or memory effect.
The sensor’s super hard surface is vastly superior to comparable pressure transmitters made with a thin film metal diaphragm. Prices for both types are similar but devices with metal diaphragms need replacing or intensive maintenance every few months and are not easily cleaned. In contrast, build-up on the ceramic sensor surface can be scraped away if necessary.  Another benefit of the Ceraphire® sensor is extremely high corrosion resistance, which significantly saves costs of exotic metal diaphragms, in application with acids and caustics..

At 99.9% purity, the sensor provides an impervious surface as well as the highest possible properties of abrasion and corrosion resistance as found in mining and mineral processing industries. Ceraphire® is unique to Endress+Hauser and offers superior performance even compared with other so-called “pure” ceramic sensors. It can also handle an overload resistance up to 40 times the nominal pressure and up to +150ºC process temperature.

Ceraphire® is available across the entire range of Cerabar transmitters offering up to 0,05% of span reference accuracy, SIL2 and IEC Ex certificates. Full modularity and interchangeability reduces plant spares stock whilst the user friendly push button operation with plain text display simplifies set up. Remote connection to PC based programming or HART handheld not only further simplifies setup but allows for advanced diagnostics and predictive maintenance. Full openness into any Control system architecture is guaranteed through the HART protocol, Fieldbus Foundation or Profibus PA outputs.

In mining, and other harsh applications, the Ceraphire® sensor is the most maintenance free and cost effective pressure solution.