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Ceramics and Special Protection Sheaths - Many processes have process environments that require special materials that will withstand the temperature of the process or its chemical makeup.

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Pyrosales has had many years of experience in all types of applications that allow us to select the most cost effective option.

Pyrosales' Ceramics and Special Protection Sheaths:

Listed below is a selection of protection sheaths that Pyrosales carries in stock. If you have a demanding problem, contact our sales department for advice on what possible solutions are available.

Haldenwanger Ceramics
Pyrosales supplies a range of Haldenwanger Ceramics products, comprising of a total of 15 oxidic and carbidic materials in various designs, all complying with DIN VDE 0335. Products include protection tubes, insulators, radiant tubes, support tubes for electric heaters, beams, profiles, incineration aids and special fabrications. The main applications are in the area of thermal processes.

Metal Ceramic LT-1
UCAR metal-ceramic LT-l is a combination of a metal matrix, chromium, and a pure ceramic phase, aluminium oxide (alumina). It is composed 65% by volume of metallic phase and 35% by volume of ceramic phase. The material is slip cast, sintered, and then oxidised. Although the exact nature of the bond between the phases is not known, a physical-chemical bond may be formed through the sharing of oxygen by the chromium and the alumina. There is no evidence of wetting or solution.

By the very nature of its constituents, UCAR metal-ceramic LT-l exhibits properties that are not found solely in either a metal or pure ceramic alone, including resistance to wetting, oxidation, erosion and abrasion, high thermal conductivity, excellent sensitivity, and high strength at temperatures where most material melt or otherwise fail.

Silicon Carbide
Silicon Carbide affords excellent resistance to erosive and chemical attack in reducing atmospheres. Its use as a heating element also confirms its suitability for use in high temperature applications. Silicon Carbide protection sheaths provide a good level of protection even in severe conditions with good resistance to reasonable levels of thermal shock.

Hexoloy® SA
While Silicon Carbide affords excellent resistance to erosive and chemical attack in reducing atmospheres, in its standard form it is readily attacked in strong oxidising environments, due to the fact that it contains free silica. Hexoloy SA comprises of sintered silicon carbide, a silicon carbide material with no free silica, offering superior chemical resistance in both reducing and oxidising environments. It delivers high temperature performance to 1650°C.

SERIES 1100 for Molten Zinc, Aluminium and Galvanising Applications
SERIES 1100 protecting tubes resist erosion from molten aluminium, zinc or galvanising baths. They stay strong, even at higher temperatures, and require no washing or maintenance to prolong their service life. The maximum operating temperature for the SERIES 1100 is 745°C.