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Cha opens sushi train restaurant in Newport

Supplier: Sushi Restaurant Systems Pty Ltd
27 June, 2011

Restaurant & Automation Specialists recently installed a 10 metre long MODU Sushi Train Conveyor at a superb new restaurant located in the Northern Beach suburb of Newport Sydney called CHA Sushi Train.

Owned by Nina Kongklipipob and built  by Nina  and Cha the restaurant operates right next door to  CHA Rice and Noodle their other business located at No7 331-335 Barrenjoey Rd, Newport.     

Cha and Nina decided to open a Sushi Restaurant to expand their Japanese section of the CHA Rice and Noodle business and because Nina and Cha like eating sushi so why not own a sushi restaurant.. Both restaurants offer a variety of fine foods which include rice and noodle dishes from all Asian countries and their famous curries from Thailand and Japan. Other fine dishes served on the Cha Sushi train include daily fresh caught fish dishes which are Hiramasa Kingfish, Blue fin tuna, Salmon and Tasmanian ocean trout, and a variety of other excellent foods cooked by a Japanese Sushi Chef trained in Japan.

Cha Restaurants certainly produce first rate selections of food and in the past have been finalists in the 2006 Northern Beaches Local Business Awards which is voted on by customers who enjoy fine foods. Cha Sushi Train caters for all ages and those who think sushi is all raw fish when in fact it is tasty cooked food that is extremely good for your health and Nina and Cha say just come in and try it and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Steve Rothwell, MD of Restaurant & Automation Specialists said "the MODU Sushi Train Conveyor is built to the highest possible food grade standards and has a very attractive mirror finish stainless steel frame which adds to the look and presentation of any restaurant".

He went on to say "some of the standard features that are supplied with the MODU Sushi Train Conveyors are two year warranty and poly carbonate stickers that are placed on the conveyor chain and are printed with the clients restaurant name to make it more personalised".