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Chain Hoists | PWB Anchor M3 Kito Chain Blocks

Supplier: Active Lifting Equipment

The PWB Anchor M3 Series Chain Blocks have been designed for maximum durability and safety with continuous heavy-duty industrial applications.

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M3 Chain Blocks

Available in standard lift heights of 3 and 6 metres, these superior units can be close coupled to PWB Anchor Push and Geared Trolleys for further reduced headroom. Optional lift heights also available.

Outstanding features

Durable and Reliable!!

The high-class load chain with the
breaking strength of 1000N/mm2
(100kgf/mm2) constitutes the main
factor for reliable and safe
operation. Also dry type braking
mechanism provides excellent
This model is designed for hard


10 Important Features
Of “KITO MIGHTY® Model M3”
Chain Hoist Have Fulfilled User’s Needs

  • Gear Case and Hand Wheel Cover Resistant to External Shocks: Both sides of the hoist are covered with a thick steel gear case, processed with the highest level technology, and with a strengthened wheel cover. They have an ideal shape and rigidity to maintain bearing alignment and withstand external shock.
  • Double Enclosure to Keep Out Rainwater and Dust: The braking mechanism, which makes up heart of the hoist, is enclosed in a double cover: the wheel and the brake covers. These protective covers not only keep out weather elements but also help to prevent mud and dust from entering internal mechanisms. Hand chain guide attached to the wheel cover provides durability and smooth operation of a hand chain on a hand chain wheel.
  • Double Pawl Spring Mechanism to Further Increase of Sureness: In case one of Pawl spring is damaged, the other maintains its functions. This mechanism further increases sureness.
  • Sure and Reliable Mechanical Brake: KITO’s dry type asbestos-free Mechanical Brake ensures strong brake performance.
  • Hooks for Easy Work: Specially heat treated top and bottom hooks have enough strength and toughness for hard job. The design of the bottom hook, with relatively large dimensions, makes it easy to stabilize a load in proper position. Bottom Yoke with Protecting Guard features a guard protecting the chain pin & nut from damage, enhancing safety.
  • Bearing Mechanism to Increase Mechanical Efficiency: Use of unique ball and needle bearings remarkably increases mechanical efficiency and produces high output power with minimum manual input.
  • Load Chain Guide Mechanism: Chain guide mechanism in flanged load sheave and guide roller facilitate smooth movement of the load chain.
  • Highly Accurate and Durable Gears: As a result of KITO’s research and development for a long time, KITO is successful in developing compact but highly efficient and durable gears.
  • Stopper Prevents Excessive Lowering: Stopper assembly prevents excessive lowering of a load and also keeps load chain from exiting if over lowered. When you feel a noticeable increase in pull force to lower the load, you may realize that you cannot lower the load any further.
  • Ultra Strong Load Chain (Nickel plated) Load chains, the component comprising the heart of the chain hoist, are made of an exclusively developed, heat treated special steel alloy. Carefully selected special steel is entirely processed at KITO’s fully automated production facilities under the most stringent quality control. Thus, all of the KITO chains are uniform in high breaking stress of 1000N/mm2(100kgf/mm2). They have excellent quality including toughness and resistance to wear and corrosion.