Change the globe

Supplier: Brightgreen
23 May, 2011

Lighting presents a clear opportunity to save energy and slow climate change.

Currently, lighting accounts for approximately 20% of global electricity consumption. To reduce this figure and lower the world’s environmental impact, Brightgreen has developed innovative, energy efficient, high quality lighting solutions.

Brightgreen’s Three Key Objectives

Brightgreen has three key objectives. The first is to create bright, high quality LED light sources that overcome common LED limitations of cost, light output and dimmability. This objective has been achieved by Brightgreen’s D900, a multi award winning LED downlight that is just like a halogen, only better. For more information see our Product Information page.

The second is to make high quality products that last as long as possible with the aim to reduce unnecessary consumption. This objective stems from the term Brightgreen, which refers to a new wing of environmentalism aiming to provide prosperity in an ecologically sustainable way. This is achieved by creating new technologies and applying continuous improvements to existing products. More about the term Brightgreen can be found under Wikipedia.

Today’s commercial giants thrive on creating products that have short life cycles and become obsolete within a few years after purchase. Story of Stuff is an excellent video illustrating the devastating effects planned and perceived obsolescence is having on our planet. In contrast, Brightgreen’s products are designed to survive more than 70,000 hours and last 15 times longer than other forms of lighting, such as halogen. Also all products come with a 5 year warranty, a guarantee no competitor can currently match. Installing Brightgreen’s long lasting, reliable and durable lights will have the flow on effects of lowering consumption and reducing carbon footprints.

The third and final objective is to produce sustainable light sources that are environmentally friendly. Unlike halogens and fluorescents, Brightgreen’s products are free from UV light, Mercury, Lead, Hexavalent Chromium and all other heavy metals considered toxic to the environment. All components of Brightgreen’s products are fully disposable and recyclable, again reducing our environmental impact on the earth by not leaving anything behind.