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CHARISMATEK Software Metrics

CHARISMATEK Software Metrics | Software Metrics and Measurement

CHARISMATEK Software Metrics

CHARISMATEK Software Metrics is Australia’s flagship company in the field of software metrics and measurement. Formed is 1991, CHARISMATEK is now well established as a significant influence and contributor across the world and as the hub of a global network of Metrics Partners.

Consulting Services:

CHARISMATEK’s consulting services focus on using software sizing, metrics and quantitative analysis as a pragmatic and objective basis for addressing specific business issues. Real business and IT experience, in conjunction with unparalleled technical expertise, means that CHARISMATEK can provide practical and realistic assistance to clients in a range of IT areas. From portfolio assessments – to determine replacement costs or support resources levels – to project sizing – to assess the validity of budgets and schedules within a proposed business case or to determine a project’s risk profile – CHARISMATEK has the expertise, experience and business understanding required to provide significant value to its clients.

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CHARISMATEK is the inventor and developer of the Function Point WORKBENCH(tm). The Function Point WORKBENCH(tm) is the world’s premier software tool in the field of software sizing and analysis using the IFPUG Function Point Analysis technique. The Function Point WORKBENCH(tm) incorporates:

* An embedded Function Point Analysis Methodology with full support for the IFPUG Functional Size Measurement method (ISO/IEC 20926);

* A customised workspace for modelling, analysing and reporting function point counts;

* Automated counting features to ensure function point counting speed, consistency and accuracy;

* Sophisticated and customisable reporting including XML generation and reporting;

* Support for a range of process management activities including project estimation, requirements communication, scope management and project tracking.

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