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Chem Oil-Away: Sorbent & Surface Cleaner

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CHEM OIL-AWAY is one of the fastest-acting and most economical combination sorbent and surface cleaners available.

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The benefits of Chem Oil-Away are:
- leaves no residue
- is dust-free
- can be recycled
- works on all kinds of spills and stains

If you're used to cleaning up spills with cat litter, rags or industrial products, it's time you tried chem-oil away. With Chem Oil - Away, it only takes a few simple steps to clean up fresh spills and old stains-quickly, safely and completely!

Three Functions in One Fantastic Product
Chem Oil-Away is a proprietary blended compound of earthen materials that absorb, clean and dry up spills. Unlike traditional products that simply provide a surface to cling to (clay), Chem Oil-Away particles completely "encapsulate" a spill and don't let go! The result is fast, easy clean-up, with no residue. In addition, Chem Oil-Away.......

  • Works on any liquid on almost any surface
  • Lets you soak up more with less, compared to clay-based products, so there's less to dispose
  • Helps you save money because you can use less, and you can re-use it.
  • Meets current EPA test standards.

Soak up fresh spills in 4 easy steps.
In less than 15 seconds, Chem Oil-Away cleans up fresh spills completely! For best results, use stiff or wire core push broom. After the spills gone, screen the used Chem Oil-Away into a pail or the original package, dispose of the encapsulated lumps, and use the Chem Oil  Away again.
It's environmentally and economically correct!
Cleans up old stains, too.
Old stains are no problem for Chem Oil-Away! For best results, try to determine what the stains is, and scrub in a compatible solvent to re-liquefy it. For example, use mineral spirits for petroleum-based spills. If possible, use a non-flammable solvent in a well-ventilated area, and be sure to comply with safety, health and environmental regulations. When using detergent/emulsifier solvents, be sure the surface is completely dry.

Pour the solvent on the stain and scrub briskly to loosen the stain. Repeat steps 1- 4 above as needed for stubborn stains.

A Versatile Product that consistenlly performs….
Chem Oil-Away Cleans Up All Kinds of Materials…

With most other sorbents, you need to use a specific product on a specific spill. But Chem Oil-AWAY works on all spills, including:
· Oil
· Lubricants
· Fuels
· Emulsions
· Body Fluids
· Hazardous Chemicals*
· Coatings
· Coolants
· Solvents
· Sludges
· Organic Fluids
*Inert to most chemicals except hydrofluoric acids

On All Kinds of Surfaces….
Chem Oil-Away lifts up spills on a variety of surfaces, including:
· Concrete
· Rock
· Tile
· Metal
· Asphalt
· Soil
· Brick
· Wood

For best results, use Chem Oil-Away as soon as you can after the spill has occurred. If a spill has been sitting for a while, use a compatible solvent to help re-liquefy it.

In All Kinds of Places…
Chem Oil-Away is effective anywhere a spill must be cleaned completely due to safety, hygiene, housekeeping or exposure concerns, such as:

· Factories
· Docks
· Garages
· Parking Areas
· Construction Sites
· Warehouses
· Terminals
· Roadways
· Private Homes

For All  Kinds of Businesses, Organisation and People…
From milkshakes to muriatic acid, blood to "Clean -up in Aisle 7", Chem Oil-Away is the universal sorbent! That is, it cleans a wide variety of spills just about anywhere they occur. Don’t let this list limit your imagination!
· Airlines
· Automotive Garages
· Building/Construction
· Chemical Industry
· Electroplating Processors
· Emergency Response Teams
· Fire Departments
· Food Processors
· Government/Military Agencies
· Home Owners
· Hospitals
· Hotels
· Janitorial Services/Schools
· Machine Shops
· Marine/Barge Lines
· Mining
· Office Complexes
· Paint Coating Formulators
· Refineries/Pipelines

In comparison tests picking up 30W motor oil spills, chem oil away pick ups more than traditional products. And, unlike competitive products, Chem oil away can be screened and reused*.

In addition:
· Chem Oil-Away leaves no residue to create potential safety or hygiene hazards.
· Chem Oil-Away is dust-free, eliminating problems caused by hazardous dust inhalation.
· Chem Oil-Away is economical. Just screen an reuse it*
· With Chem Oil-Away, you don’t have to inventory different products for different spills.
· Chem Oil-Away is inert to most chemicals except hydrofluoric acids.

* To avoid dangerous chemical combinations and/ or reactions, do not reuse Chem Oil-Away to pickup dissimillar spills

Cleaning Specific Spills…
Chem Oil-Away cleans up mots spills with the easy 4-step 'sprinkle, scrub, sweep, reuse" method. However, we suggest you use the following procedures when viscous, acid and acid /caustic spills occur:

Viscous Spills…
Spread Chem Oil-Away on spills of heavy lubricants, coatings, detergent concentrates and other viscous materials. Gently roll the Chem Oil Away
Clean the remaining residue, and sweep up the encapsulated material.

Acid/Caustic Spills…
Note; The following does not apply to HF ( Hydrofluoric) Acid. Cover acid or caustic spills immediately with an extra thick layer of Chem Oil Away to control vapor emission and to stabilise the spill. Add Chem Oil Away to the spill until vapor emission subsides. Then follow the 4-step process for spill removal.

Chem Oil Away does not neutralize acid or caustic materials. If neutralisation is necessary spread the proper neutralizing agent on the spill and Chem Oil-Away mixture. Then follow the 4 Step process for spill removal.

In Summary, Chem Oil Away is a multi-surface spill and stain remover that really works, nothing cleans up spills and stains faster and better than Chem Oil-Away.

If you have any further queries or require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.