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Chemical Cleaning Services

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Chemical Cleaning Services (CCS) offer a cleaning expertise across many industries, including petrochemical and power generation, pulp and paper, dairy, food and beverage, steel mills, chemical and gas plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, oil refineries and off shore rigs.

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CCS offer pre-commission, in-service, de-commission and pre-replacement and repair cleaning services. This means that at any stage of plant life, before, during or after use, the customer can rely on CCS.

Our aim is to ensure plant efficiency is increased to, and beyond, customer expectations. We do this by increasing heat transfer, decreasing energy requirements, and decreasing the necessity for repairs and maintenance.

A project manager oversees every job CCS undertakes from the first planning meeting until the last drop of chemical is safely disposed of, CCS is in constant liaison with the customer and their planners to ensure the job is completed safely, efficiently, on budget, and on time.

Examples of routine work:

Improving Plant Efficiency:

  • Boilers are the most exacting and critical pieces of plant CCS cleans.
  • Removing scale from all types of heat exchange surfaces – to increase heat transfer and decrease energy requirements.
  • Heaters and coolers
  • Plate, shell and tube heat exchangers.
  • Clean out restricted pipe lines, e.g. pulp and paper CD (continuous digesters) circulation.
  • Cooling circuits, i.e. reactor water cooling/heating jackets.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing food grade tanks after maintenance.
  • Geothermal well acid stimulation for increased steam production.
  • Geothermal head exchanger’s silica removal.

Maintenance Work:

  • Cleaning chemical tanks. This is usually required due to product contamination, either from precipitation of solids, corrosion from tank walls or crystallization of product over several years.
  • Decontaminating chemical tanks and process lines, to render them safe for vessel entry, maintenance work or demolition.

Plant Commission Cleaning:

Pre-commission cleaning is vital to the successful operation of newly-installed steam-raising and processing plant, hydraulic, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide systems. Our advanced techniques reduce commissioning time, avoiding breakdowns in the early operating stages of major plant.

Emergency Assistance:

  • Attend to chemical loss of containment at customer sites.
  • Pump out and remove contaminated chemical from customer sites.
  • Render effluent safe for disposal.


CCS operate by Orica Chemnet’s safety vision: “No injuries to anyone, ever”. Our expertise in chemical handling and safety ensures that hazardous materials are handled correctly. CCS is strongly committed to helping clients minimize chemical use, and is constantly developing new disposal methods to ensure a cleaner and safer environment.

Dairy Services

Chemnet is a market leader in the supply of chemical products to the Australasian dairy industry. It has formed a Dairy Market Team to provide the highest level of customer service across the region.

The Dairy Market Team is made up of expert people who offer specialised services to dairy businesses. The Team includes dedicated account managers and CIP (Clean in Place) technologists who give support and safety training.

The Team also uses the "Wizard" - a revolutionary computer based system that uses sensory equipment to assess CIP procedures. Developed by Orica to monitor cleaning effectiveness and reduce cleaning times, the Wizard identifies inefficiencies and recommends improvements.

Chemnet's dairy projects focus on developing new chemical formulations that are safe for the environment. On-site engineering systems, ranging from milk tanker CIP through to specialised ingredient dosing, help customers minimize chemical use and ensure correct effluent disposal.

The Dairy Market Team also provides customer storage tank monitoring - known as "telemetry". Chemical usage rates and stock levels are monitored through high-tech systems that improve supply integrity and also serve as an early warning when stocks run low.