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Chokes and Reactors

Supplier: AEM Cores
18 February, 2010

There are three UNICOREs suitable for use as Choke or Reactors

Traditional C and E cores are perfect for choke applications because the cores are resin impregnated and bonded before cutting. This means the individual halves are glued solid so the faces can be ground flat. Although not impossible, it is more difficult to grind the faces of a reactor on only one leg. This makes a C or E core cost prohibitive for some single leg inductive devices.

For a direct C or E core replacement where gaping material is to be inserted between both faces, a UNICORE is not always the best solution since the core halves are not bonded and hence the laminations are loose. This makes for delicate handling and awkward assembly. Often the bobbins and frame mechanism can be designed to support the core until impregnated

However, single leg gaps are quite easy to produce using the Core Gap UNICORE.. The UNICORE machine can be programmed to produce a discrete gap, into which insulated gapping material can be inserted. This gap may be offset from the centre of the Window Length using Unicore Control Software.

We offer three types of UNICORE products in the choke range:

  • Butt 2 is a single phase straight cut core very much like an unbonded C core half.
  • Butt 3 is a triple cut three phase core similar to an unbonded E core.
  • Core Gap is a rectangular core with a programmable gap distance and gap offset along only one leg.