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Supplier: Shockwatch
13 April, 2010

Control your damage - and maintenance-related costs by monitoring the impact, access, and usage of your equipment, while ensuring OH&S compliance.

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  • ShockWatch EquipManager 
    ShockWatch EquipManager protects and monitors material handling, fleet vehicles, and other types of equipment.
    This comprehensive monitor delivers the full range of features proven to reduce the costs associated with damage to your capital assets, as well as those related to their maintenance and repair.
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  • ShockWatch ImpactManager
    Avoid the costly events caused by forklift damage. ShockWatch ImpactManager controls impacts and incidents.
    Vehicle access control and impact detection encourage operator accountability — even with no management presence on the scene.
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  • ShockWatch UsageManager
    Extend the life of your equipment and reduce the costs of its operation and upkeep. The ShockWatch UsageManager wirelessly delivers accurate equipment and usage data that allows you to schedule maintenance at the exact time it is needed, while nearly eliminating downtime.
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