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Choosing an Enclosure made easy

Supplier: B&R Enclosures
05 May, 2006

If you are looking for a particular size enclosure and you are not sure what product name and part number you need, B&R have the solution for you!

B&R have added a new feature to their website called the Size Selection tool. This predictive tool allows you to enter any combination of height, width and depth to filter through B&R’s complete range, showing only items that interest you. No more searching through thousand page catalogues or surfing a website with no idea if or when you will find what you need.  B&R’s full product range is available on a single page.

The Size Selection tool uses a new web technology called AJAX. It has been used extensively in various applications such as Gmail, Google Maps and Calendars. It works by updating the contents of a page, without the need to refresh every time you change your selection. Making changes is easy, and you can be sure to find a product that suits your needs, by simply adding or subtracting dimensions from the selection, to expand or narrow down your choices.

If you want to save time, whilst having the convenience of finding the enclosure you need in a few easy steps, check out B&R’s Enclosure Size Selector.  It is available via a link on the homepage or directly via http://www.brenclosures.com.au/enclosures.aspx.