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Choosing the proper V-Gard System

Supplier: MSA Australia
10 March, 2015

V-Gard accessory system is an integrated solution to protect your face, eyes, neck and chin.

Frames, visors and chin protectors have been designed and certified as a system with MSA helmets to ensure product compatibility, a crucial component of compliance and safety.

With its truly global platform, MSA offers ideal protection around the globe.




Suitable for most applications where impact and splash hazards exist. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, sheet or injection moulded versions. Moulded visors are optically corrected and therefore offer very good view and reduce fatigue during work. Their chemical and heat resistance is better as they are thicker,  and not as stressed as flat visors. Flat visors are the perfect solution for general and basic applications offering a good price/performance ratio.


Provides maximum ventilation in humid working conditions. Lightweight and durable great for outdoor applications such as brush clearing and trimming. Does not provide splash protection.


Provides superior chemical splash resistance mainly against organic chemicals such as solvents. Available in injection moulded version for a great optical quality and reliable resistance not as stressed as flat visors.




Provides maximum light transmission. Good for indoor use applications, or outdoor use in low-light conditions.

Green Tint

Helps alleviate eye strain and fatigue by reducing excessive glare and light transmittance. With Ultraviolet (UV) filter, great for outdoor use in bright light conditions.

Shade 3 IR /

Shade 5 IR

Helps protect against infrared (IR) up to Shade 3 and Shade 5, as applicable, as well as ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Perfect for autogenous welding, metal pouring, gas soldering, light cutting and brazing applications.



Controls condensation build-up on inside of visor surface. Great for humid conditions.


Provides excellent scratch resistance, extending visor life. A “must have” in abrasive work environments.


Reflects radiant heat, keeping the wearer comfortable in elevated temperature environments, such as manufacturing plants with blast furnaces. Available in clear and green tint.


Chin Protectors

V-Gard chin protectors provide additional protection to the face and neck from impacts, chemical splash and arc flash making them suitable for applications in forestry, chemical industry, utilities, etc.

Debris Control

Provides additional protection against debris and chemical splash and reduces the possibility of debris or chemical entry between the visor frames and the front of the helmet.