Choosing the right metal baler for your metal recycling business

Supplier: Enerpat Group UK By: Dacy
08 September, 2020

Metal balers have numerous application in steel mills, metal and processing industries as well as the metal smelting industry. Using a metal baler to extrude various metal scrap into bales can reduce storage space and transportation costs whilst increase feeding speed.

Before you purchase a metal baler, here are a few tips for you to consider. 

Bale shape

The metal baler usually has three bale shapes, cuboid, octangle and cylinder. Cuboid bale is the most common type in the hydraulic market. It is the cheapest bale type while cylinder type is the most expensive. What should be noted is that cuboid bale is slightly restricted to the furnace mouth. If you want the bale to be attractive there is also an octangle type or cylinder type available. 

Press chamber size

Usually the press chamber of the baler has a fixed dimension. Enerpat Group can customise the size to suit your specific requirements for storage and transportation.

Bale out type

The baler has three bale out types, turn-out, front-out, and side-out.

  • Turn-out is the most popular type. It is the first choice for small metal baler
  • Side-out type is mainly used for large metal baler
  • Front-out type has a large bale, yet the density is not high. This type is suitable for light materials like aluminum cans.

Check the machine

Machine Body

  1. The welds
    The welds at the stressed area of the steel plate should be beveled with the angle of 45°. They should be level with no rosin joint or bubble. Meanwhile, there should be no welding slag residues.
  1. Steel plate
    The thickness of the steel plate decides the stability and safety of the metal baler. We adopt steel plates with different thicknesses on the different stressed areas of the metal baler, while the most stressed area adopts the thickest rib plate with the largest density.
  1. Lining plate
    Inside the baler there are assembled lining plates with hardness to protect the baler from abrasion, thus prolonging the service life of the baling machine.

Hydraulic station

The hydraulic station provides power for the baling press. When buying a metal baler, start the machine and listen to check if there is loud noise. Check if the oil tank is clean and make sure there are no welding slag residuals.

Metal balers have large economic environmental value as they increase work efficiency as well as benefitting the environment through waste reduction. 

If you are interested in buying a metal baler, you can rely on Enerpat Group UK for the right selection.