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Choosing the right packaging solution for your online business

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
18 January, 2017

Packaging is such a broad term - so it can be hard to find more refined choices that relate specifically to e-commerce product sales and how to best package them for mailing and delivery.

The main issue with mailing anything is not only the cost/weight but protection of your product. You may also be someone who wants everything to be environmentally friendly - whether it has to be a degradable product, or simply a re-usable one. Whether you require padding, something to remain flat and rigid, something that is light or has tamper proofing - all of these concerns are considered with the following options. 

Environmentally Friendly Choices:

  • Cardboard Mailing Tubes - are considered degradable as they are made of cardboard, but are also re-usable. Ideal for anything from posters/paper based items - or longer items that need to stay in one piece.

  • Brown Kraft Paper - is made from recycled material. It is simple & lightweight and allows for a certain amount of creativity if you wanted to add to it.

  • Jiffy Padded Bag - is made from a heavy duty kraft paper with a cushioning element within which instead of being made of plastic bubblewrap, it is made of 100% recycled paper fibre. 

  • Jiffy Utility Mailers - This rigid and heavy duty double walled envelope provides the stiffness required where you can't let your items bend or be folded, as well as being tear and puncture resisitant. It is also made from 50% recycled paper. 

  • Biodegradable Void Fill - If you need something to fill the void around your product that is packaged in a box then here is an environmentally friendly choice. Made of 100% natural starch.

  • Cardboard Boxes - available in a standard range of sizes, but available as a custom sized product also.

Mailing Envelope Choices:

  • 'EnviroProtecta' - Padded mailer envelopes have a triple layer bubble wrap film with a tamper evident seal. Available in either matt finish or shiny finish as well as available in openings on either the short or long side of the envelope.

  • Jiffy Gusset Mailer - is made from a heavy duty kraft paper - so it has a very strong exterior, but has no padding. It also features a gusset down both sides therefore allowing for expansion.

  • Jiffy Lite Mailer - a bubble padded mailer, but with a white Kraft paper exterior. So it has the strong and stiffer exterior, whilst providing the protection of padding for your goods.

  • Jiffy Rigi Mailer - this is made of yellow extra-rigid kraft laminated fibreboard so it resists bending and folding. Ideal for items that you don't want bent at all such as books or photographs.

  • Shurtuff Bags and RoundTrip mailers - When looking for a hardy, light weight option where simple packaging and tear resistance is the only requirement then Shurtuff bags are ideal. They have a matt finish so they are easy to write on or attach labels to. Shurtuff RoundTrip bags have the added benefit of having two peel and seal sections which enables a customer to re-use the same bag to return their item if required.

  • Black Bubble Padded Mailers - Ideal for when you are looking for an item that provides 100% blockout to ensure privacy and discretion with a high end look.

Extra Padding or Protection Required?

Sometimes you put items in a cardboard box, but your goods need a little extra so they don't move when in the box. We have some simple solutions and alternatives:

  • Office Rolls of Bubblewrap - Whilst there are larger industrial rolls of bubblewrap available, a lot of smaller online businesses just require something they can easily keep in their office without taking up space. We have a dispenser box with a small roll of bubblewrap that has perforations every 400mm (375mm width). Easily pulled as needed from the box and nicely sized to wrap around items for needing that extra protection.

  • Kraft Laminated bubblewrap - this is a large roll (1.5m width x 65m), but does provide an extra robust packaging solution where it's needed.

  • See Void Fill above as an environmentally friendly choice.

Packaging is full of choices and at Get Packed there is a never ending supply of alternatives. The above list of packaging choices have been put together with the online sales person in mind and to provide you with a simple list of items that may best suit your business. We can also arrange for custom fitting packaging if that is required. If you have the right packaging to suit your product then you are more likely to have your items received by your customers intact.

To find more information or discuss any of these items, or to purchase - you can either click on the links and purchase from our online store - or contact us directly.