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Choosing the right security door for your facility

Supplier: DMF International
11 May, 2016

Using security doors for carpark stations and other facilities reduces theft, vandalism and keeps unwanted visitors out.

Which door will be best for my requirements?

Security roller doors combined with the understanding of, frequency and type of traffic flow, is the first step in selecting the door is best suited to an application.

There are a multitude of door types on the market that are used for large openings, but when traffic frequency is high, most slow action type doors often will remain in the open position for too long compromising your carpark security and any dust or temperature control.

When selecting a High Speed door it needs to be:

  • Rigorously designed
  • Reliable
  • Suited for indoor or external applications

Selecting the right type of high speed security door for warehouses, high rise building carparks, emergency facilities, correctional centres, production facilities and stores is crucial.

DMF International are the suppliers of Efaflex range of doors which provides secure access control due to their fast action opening and closing. With opening speeds of approximately two metres per second (2m/s), the Efaflex doors will minimise the time the door is open and therefore reduce the risk of being exposed to unauthorised entry.

For more information on how we can help you select the right High Speed Security Doors contact DMF Australia wide.