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Chrome finishing for plastic parts

Supplier: A Class Metal Finishers
01 April, 2010

Dashboard trimming, in a restoration or custom project, can be challenging - especially where old plastic pieces are involved.

Often vacuum metalised previously, old plastic parts have often deteriorated and become difficult to re-finish. There are only a handful of suppliers in Australia who can re-vacuum coat parts.

Vacuum coating is not the same as chrome plating and will not stand the same tests of time. A Class Metal Finishers now offers a solution to plastic parts finishing which utilises the art of electro-forming to create robust and genuine chrome plated finishes for all types of plastics and non-metals - whether or not they were previously chromed or vacuum coated.

This provides great scope for the restorer because A Class can re-finish all the metal as well as plastic parts for a car or motorcycle project.

Says Greg Wood, metal restoration specialist from A Class:

"An emerging finishing alternative known as spray chrome is being offered by some suppliers but as yet this finish is a long way off in lustre and strength when compared to real electroplated chrome. We can offer the spray-chrome process here but we really prefer not to as it is just not as good as the real thing - real chrome."