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Chubb Video Smoke Detection

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Early warning of a fire can help to reduce the risk for your staff and the damage suffered by your business.

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The consequences of a major fire to your business can be extremely costly in terms of lost productivity, impact on staff, rebuilding and replacing property and machinery.

Chubb understands the importance of early detection and has released a system that delivers a warning at the earliest stage of a fire.

It uses cost effective, leading image processing technology that has been rigorously tested by the nuclear power industry, one of the world's most controlled and regulated industries.

Unparalleled Early Warning Smoke Detection

The Chubb Video Smoke Detection (VSD) system enables the accurate early detection of smoke and is suitable to protect high risk areas and high value assets.

The innovative VSD system uses CCTV technology to detect smoke in a specific area. If smoke is detected, an automatic notification is sent to the operator who can visually identify the location and source of the fire quickly.

Unlike traditional point type smoke detection systems that do not recognise smoke until it has built up sufficiently to reach the detector, the Chubb VSD system is unique in that it can detect and analyse smoke at its origin, enabling operators to react before the fire can gain momentum.

Chubb VSD is ideal in large or open areas and can effectively differentiate between smoke, dust and steam, thereby significantly eliminating the major sources of false alarms.

The system has the unique capability to monitor outdoor environments, something that has never before been possible with traditional smoke detection systems.

Features of the Video Smoke Detection System

  • Up to 80 detection areas covered by the one system 
  • No size limit for detection areas 
  • Built-in compensation for camera shake 
  • Password protection 
  • Automatic fault monitoring including video signal loss, obstruction, low level light or low contrast levels 
  • Flexible association between zones in alarm to produce pre-alarm and full alarm outputs 
  • When smoke is detected, system automatically selects relevant camera for operator 
  • Controllable sensitivity threshold 
  • Controllable 'smoke present in image' (delay) time before alarm 
  • Alarm log with automatic storage of up to 5,000 time and date stamped images 

Recognised Approvals

Chubb's VSD system has been granted SSL ActivFire listing and 3rd party approval by Factory Mutual (FM) Approvals in the USA.

This recognition means that the Chubb VSD system has been rigorously trialled and tested by one of the world's most respected approval authorities.

FM approvals are recognised and supported by all reputable insurance companies around the world.