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CIP Tank Cleaning Nozzles

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Technical Project provides the following range of CIP Tank Cleaning Nozzles:

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Sprayballs - Fixed Spray Heads - Type UAA
SPRAYBALLS are the most simple tank washing device for low pressure internal cleaning of vessels, tanks & containers of all kinds. Where fixed heads can achieve a satisfactory cleaning result, their simple design assures low investment cost and maximum reliability.

They are usually operated at low pressure and cleaning is achieved by intensive wetting and rinsing and by the turbulent action of the water flowing down the tank wall.

Fixed Sprayheads - Type UAB
These are compact devices with thick walls and are are suitable for use at high pressure or for use with steam.

Rotating Cleaning Heads - Type UBB
Manufactured entirely from Teflon*, for use where chemical attack from strong acids is a concern.

The reaction force of the water jets produces the rotary motion.

Rotating Cleaning Heads - Type UBC
Rotating motion is achieved by the reaction forces of the water jets. The rotating sphere rolls on 2 rows of stainless steel ball bearings so the head can be mounted in any position.

Inner and outer surfaces are highly polished to avoid contamination and bacterial growth.

Rotating Cleaning Head - Type UBD
The rotary head floats on a thin water film covering Teflon* slide bearings, as it rotates at high speed. The clever design results in no maintenance at all being necessary

Rotating Cleaning Head - Type UBE
These are the same as UBD heads but are manufactured entirely from Teflon* which assures resistance to chemically aggressive media.

Compact Rotating Cleaning Head - Type UBF
Designed to fit through small openings. Typically used for cleaning beer kegs, small containers and pipes.

Turbine Drive Rotating Cleaning Head - Type UBA
A simple motor produces a slow rotation which enables the cleaning jets to maintain a higher impact force than faster spinning reaction type rotating heads.

The advantages of this head are superior cleaning power and lower volumes of cleaning solution required.

Two Axis Reaction Drive Head - Type UBL
This reaction drive head incorporates a unique internal piston that acts as a brake to assure a low reaction speed and therefore powerful impact jets.

The very simple design and robust construction assures reliability and long life with minimal maintenance costs.

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