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City of Melbourne recognised for efforts to reduce heat gain

Supplier: Locker Group
23 July, 2014

The city of Melbourne is being recognised for its work in sustainable design, particularly when it comes to reducing solar heat gain.

This shows the nation's growing demand for architectural products that can provide an eco-friendly spin on construction.

In a June 27 media release, the city announced its Urban Landscapes Climate Adaptation Program has been shortlisted for the 2014 C40 & Siemens City Climate Leaderships Awards in the category for Adaptation and Resilience. Melbourne was one of only 26 cities around the world to be shortlisted.

"I am pleased that City of Melbourne has been internationally recognised for our work in this field," Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said.

"We know that the heat wave in January 2014, with four consecutive days over 40 Celsius  cost Melbourne businesses $37 million. Great cities need to be tough and adaptable and that is why we are implementing a comprehensive and ambitious plan so that we can better deal with extreme weather events."

Cr Arron Wood, chair of the council's environment portfolio, said that a higher frequency of heat expected in the coming years means it's more important for the city to focus on ways to combat it.

"Our Urban Landscapes Climate Adaptation Program aims to cool the city by 4 Celsius to safeguard our residents and city users," Mr Wood said.

"Cooling the city will increase our resilience to the projected impacts of climate change, and at the same time it will increase the liveability of the city."

Locker Group's Atmosphere Facade range fits in perfectly with this pursuit, as it utilises folded perforated panels combined with tensioned stainless steel cables to help reduce heat hitting the surface of glass. This provides businesses with daylight for internal spaces while reducing solar heat gain.