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Supplier: Abtech Environmental Services

Abtech FFA-C Water clarification plants for removal of colloidal clay and organic matter.

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Abtech FFA-C Water Clarification Plants are automatic, economical units designed and proven to remove colloidal solids and organics from rivers, dams, etc., and to produce clean water from a wide variety of feedwaters.

In its passage from rain clouds to us, water contacts, and hence dissolves, many minerals and natural organic compounds, which are the result of vegetation or decaying vegetation.
As well as dissolving soluble material, water carries along in relatively stable suspension, other matter such as fine clay, organics, metals and chemical complexes formed by interaction of these impurities.
This water generally cannot be satisfactorily cleaned by filtration alone.
Some form of chemical flocculation is required to remove colloidal and organic materials.
Chemical flocculation agglomerates small particles that are difficult or impossible to filter by conventional means into larger particles that can be settled as sludge and/or filtered by inexpensive filter media.
By careful selection of plant design and flocculants a large amount of organic and organo-metallic complex materials can also be removed in the process.