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Clarke & Severn Electronics

Clarke & Severn Electronics | Electronic Components & Cable Assembly

Clarke & Severn Electronics

Clarke & Severn Electronics is a supplier of Electronic Components, Connectors and Contacts , RF Microwave products, RF Test Equipment and cables.
These products are used in Avionics/Aerospace, Defence/Military, Environmental Monitoring, Marine, Medical & Scientific Equipment, Neuro Research, Professional Audio/Audio Visual and Broadcast and RF Microwave & Communications
They include weatherproof, harsh environment connectors, heavy duty crane connectors, Neuro Connectors and pro audio/av connectors.
We also offer Custom Cable Assembly, Cable Overmolding, Cable Looms, Power Cables, RF (Coaxial) Cables and Mechanical Assembly. We specialize in small niche projects, both small and large volumes.

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A large range of products from the world's leading component suppliers: Aaronia, Canare, Cardinal Components, Copper Mountain Technologies, Farran, Harwin, Laird Technologies, Mars Antennas, Mini-Circuits, ODU, Omnetics, RF-Lambda, Switchcraft/Conxall, Telegartner RF, Rogers, Corporation,

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